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Whenever you get into an accident you should always know you have the right to choose where you want your vehicle repaired at. An accident can be distressing, but knowing what to do in advance can help you deal with the unexpected. Here is a few things to check off as you process this stressful time.
Following a loss you should always stay at the scene in a safe place to gather information. Get to a place where a lot of people can see you. Street Scenes Automotive in Charlotte NC wants you to be safe at all time. It is common for most car thieves to bump your fender if they are looking to steal your car. Don’t just pull over anywhere. make sure you are in a safe place with people.
If someone has been hurt we recommend contacting the police. Please dial 911 if someone has been hurt or injured. Don’t call 911 if you’re just arguing over whose fault it is. If you feel you were in the right away and the other driver is saying it’s your fault, Street Scenes recommends calling the regular police number. The police will take a report to provide statements to your insurance company.
Exchange information so that you can pass the information of to your insurance. You want to make sure you receive their name and phone number. Don’t forget their driver’s license number and their insurance information. Street Scenes  knows how stressful this all may be and that is why we recommend taking a photo copy of their driver’s license and insurance information with your cell phone. It is quick and easy and is the most important information you need.
Whatever you do, do not advice your coverage limits or admit it’s your fault. Let your insurance company do the research and investigation. This is why insurances companies are around and that is to help you out in this stressful time. Let the insurance company determine what happened and how to best resolve the issue. When you get into an accident you may feel a little discombobulated. They have experts in the field and will be able to investigate it deeper based on statistics and damage.
Another important piece of information to gather following a loss is to collect photos. Today everyone has a phone that can take pictures. document the accident as much as you can. take pictures of your damage and the other cars damage. If you’re safe and think you can take pictures the accident scene location identifiers (intersection/address/exit number). It will help speed up you claim and get your care repaired faster.
After the accident and you have collected all of the information tell the tow truck where you want your vehicles body damaged repaired at. A lot of tow truck drivers get paid kickbacks to take you were they want your car to go. Know your rights and tell them you want your vehicle to be taken to a reputable auto body shop like Street Scenes Automotive Charlotte NC. They will help you with the accident process and get you back on the road.

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