CQuartz coatings have been at the forefront of innovation in Nanotech ceramic coatings for years utilizing a variety of Sio2 nanoparticles (Quartz) for swirl resistance and gloss enrichment, Tio2 (Titanium) to enhance depth and “self-cleaning” and a variety of other materials modified to bring forth the ultimate in functionality and aesthetics in paint proctection!

CQuartz leaves a thick glossy ceramic shell of protection that bonds to the paint and protects it from bugs, bird poo, brake dust, and the suns damaging UV rays for years.

While dust and dirt sticks to wax and traditional sealants it slides off of CQuartz much easier allowing the vehicle to stay clean longer and wash off easier.

One of the most important features in your vehicle staying clean is the ability of the protective layer to release dirt and water.  CQuartz features an extremely hydrophobic upper layer which allows dust, dirt, and water to slide off easily.   While many products may bead or release dirt on some level, they do not compare to the dirt release properties of CQuartz advancements and industry leading sliding angle and repellancy.