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How many of our loyal customers were hit by the hail storm we had last week?? Did you know that Street Scenes can repair those unsightly hail damage dents in your vehicle with Paintless Dent Repair?Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an industry recognized repair process that removes: Door Dings, Hail Damage, Small to Medium size dents or other types of damage from a vehicle’s exterior surface panels without disturbing the paint finish.

A vehicle with original paint retains a higher value than a repainted vehicle. Even if it is just a door or a fender, it is always preferable to maintain the original paint on a vehicle for as long as possible.  Paintless dent removal eliminates large and small dents by massaging the damaged metal back into place. This non-invasive process protects your car while saving you time and money.

PDR is an insurance approved procedure, and your insurance will NOT go up if you file a claim as hail damage falls under your comprehensive coverage as an “Act of God”. Most repairs can be finished in 1-2 days, and in most cases we can save you some, if not all of your deductible!

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