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Charlotte’s roads are already sprayed with salt brine in anticipation of the snow tomorrow. Most people don’t know that the salt can cause permanent damage to your vehicle’s paint if it’s left on for too long. Listed below are some simple ways you can help protect your paint from damage. If you notice salt spray on your vehicle after the snow, call or email Street Scenes immediately to have it removed with a high pressure hand wash, and further protected from the winter elements with a coat of wax. For packages, pricing, and services check out our new interactive website 704-668-9680 [email protected]



Ways to Prevent Salt Build Up on Your Car

Surviving winter is hard enough, and any salt build up on your car or SUV and the snow, ice, and salt can lead to many vehicle problems inside and out. Salt build up on the interior and engine can lead to rust and inefficient pipes and motors; too much salt build up on the exterior can lead to paint scratches, chipping, and unattractive rust. If your car or SUV is battling the winter tundra this season, you’ll need a few strategies to prevent salt buildup. Here are six ways to make sure your car or SUV looks as good as new come Spring:

Prevent Salt Build Up On Your Car by Heading to the Car Wash
Aim for at least one car wash per week, no matter how much it snows or rains outside. A fresh wash can remove debris, dirt, and any salt that’s accumulated over the course of the week, and will help reduce the chances of rust immediately.

Prevent Salt Build Up On Your Car by Spraying Underneath with a Hose
If you really can’t make it to the weekly car wash, at least spray the underside of the car with a high-powered hose. This will remove salt buildup from accumulating on the wheels, axles, and exhaust pipe that can cause severe damage if it’s left untreated.

Prevent Salt Build Up On Your Car by Cleaning Off the Car Immediately After a Snowstorm
Salt can easily get onto the car from other people’s snow blowers after a snow storm, so dig your car out of it’s snow mask whenever possible.

Prevent Salt Build Up On Your Car by Parking Off the Road
Snow plows and salt trucks are your worst enemy during the winter time since they practically dump salt as they work. Let the salt shower stay on the road, and move your car to a covered area or garage at every opportunity.

Prevent Salt Build Up On Your Car By Using a Car Cover
If you’re courageous enough to battle the chill for just a few more minutes after you get out of the car, quickly wrap it up with a car cover. Car covers can help keep the car (somewhat) warm, but also protect it from the elements when you leave it unattended.

Help your automobile survive any winter damage with these simple prevention strategies so you don’t have to worry about rust or maintenance problems when Spring (finally) arrives.


  • Derek Skinner says:

    A great way to preserve your cars paint and value making sure to get all the salt and residue off your paint. An extra coat of wax can also go along way once clean!!!

  • jScott says:

    Also keeps your underbody from rusting. There’s nothing worse than looking under your car and seeing rust damage.

  • Bruce Walsh says:

    Yup, I do agree with the author that salt can damage the paint of the speedster if it is left there for some days. Salt brine is sprayed and then dried on the road surface for anti-icing prior to a snow storm. The practice also leads to corrosion and rusting to few components of the speed machine. So, you have to take on the issues seriously. The most quotidian method for it is to clean the convertible thoroughly. For effective washing of the underneath parts of intermediary, you can use a pressure washer. The cleaning process should be conducted at least a week under a cunning car professional’s trained eye- so that it will not get time for rusting.

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