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Here it is! Check out these photos from one of our builds, a 1970 Ford F100, on the first season of “My Dream Car” on FOX Nation! Every episode of My Dream Car plans to capture both the emotional nostalgia and American ingenuity of finding and resurrecting someone’s Dream Car. Some of these cars will have to be rebuilt from the ground up. Some will just need a little love, but in the end when they are revealed to their owners the goal is make an everlasting dream come true and create a loving memory for a loved one or family member. This is episode 4 of season 1. Please take the time to download the app for FOX nation and you can see the full episode! In the meantime, you can see short clips on YouTube. Our guys did a fantastic job on this restoration!

This is the day of pickup.
Day of pickup
Finally got her to the shop to start the project!
Zoom call discussing what all needs to be done on the truck and budget.
A little fabrication is going to be needed to fix these rust trouble areas.
And there you have it!
Time to cut this bed out for the bed wood.
Chop Shop!
Now, to get this thing ready for paint.
Its an every day grind here at Street Scenes!
Stripped down to bare metal and ready for primer!
Starting on the interior and getting it ready for paint.

Priming day.
Love working out in the sunshine on a beautiful Carolina day!
Now, that’s better!
Time for paint!
Chad laying down the ghost flames!
Putting on the base coat.
Go Pro action!
Getting the inside sprayed!
Just got the new interior re-done!
Getting everything wired back up and put back together!
Bada bing, bada boom!
Now, lets get started on installing the custom bed wood.
Planing and measuring the wood before installation.
Fitting up nicely!
Mikey hard at work on the wood!
This is awesome!
Hard work pays off. Look at the custom job done on this bed!
Fresh paint, do not touch!
And there you have it folks! Another one knocked out by the Street Scenes Crew!

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