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Here is our latest project, a 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser for our newest member of our restoration family, Scott Armstrong! We will be uploading pictures as we move along on this one. This vehicle has been in Scott’s family for along time, and he is passing it along to his son now. Can’t wait to see this when its done!!! Stay tuned for updates….

Day 1 of tear down
Removing all trim, grille, moldings, ets.
Removing emblems and light fixtures.
Taking out all of the windows, door handles, etc.
Scott and Rick discussing strategy..
Fernando getting it done!
Those tires though!
Front Bumper removal
Rear Bumper and Hitch removal
Rust Damage on Cowl
More rust…
Rust Rust Rust…go away!!!
Old rust and bondo..
Blah…Get this gone!
Old Bondo….
Fabrication is necessary
Time for fab work …no more rust soon!
What rust?!
Starting on Body work.
Time to get it tightened up!
Body work on the fab work.
Get it built up to smooth it out..
Sand on Sand off Daniel Son. Coming soon….
More body work on the fab.
She’s getting close!!
Short sleeves today!
Got the new hood in!!! …….finally
Sanding smoothe
Pulling in to tape up for door jam painting.
Door Jams
More Jams
Prepping for the paint booth
Tape up and wipe her down.
In the paint booth, getting ready to spray the base coat.
Wet the floor before you spray, helps with keeping the debris down and out of the paint.
Base coat.
Clear coat.
Starting to look pretty slick!
Loving this Porsche Chalk Gray!
Looks like glass!
That wet wet look….Sexy
Looking great!
Taking it back to the shop to put her together!
Time for re-assembly
Ummmm…where do we start? Organize and layout.
Emblems and Window assembly.
Fernando on the door assembly.

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