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Many people do not know that the vehicle they drive has a cabin air filter. As a result this filter may not is not getting serviced properly. In many cases even if you take your car back to the dealer or quick lube for service they are not servicing or asking you if you want to service your cabin filter. Below is some information on what the purpose of a cabin filter is and why it is important that it be serviced on a regular basis


What is a cabin filter? Cabin filters are a recent addition to the automotive world. Cabin filters started in Europe in the 1980’s. By the mid 1990’s they started migrating to popular domestic vehicles such as the Ford Taurus and Contour. The function of a cabin filter is to filter the air that enters the vehicle through its ventilation system. The result is cleaner air in the passenger cabin of the vehicle. This helps to keep the interior of the vehicle cleaner and aides in the reduction of contaminants, such as pollen, soot, road dust etc., which the driver and     passengers breath.

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Why is it important to service cabin filters? Like other maintenance products cabin filters have a scheduled service requirement. Once the cabin filter has reached its life expectancy, its ability to perform diminishes. As the filter media becomes saturated with dirt, its ability to allow air to flow through the media is restricted. This can adversely affect the way your air conditioning cools your vehicle’s cabin. It can also limit your defrost systems ability to clear your windshield.


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